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Jesus Wears A Crown of Thorns

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Holy Week, Meditation | 1 comment

The worship pastor at the local church that Myra and I attend asked a handful of people to write, and present, a brief thought/meditation and prayer for their annual Stations of the Cross service. I was one of them. She gave me Station #6: Jesus Wears A Crown of Thorns. The following is my contribution to the sorrow of Holy Week.

Jesus Wears A Crown of Thorns
Jason A. Hess © 2024

As Christ struggled to stand under the scourging of his flesh and the weight of his crown,
another was undoubtedly standing near,
watching the soldiers beat him.

Years earlier, the accuser of the brethren offered a “painless” crown to the Incarnate in exchange for worship1Matthew 4:8-10.

Jesus refused the offer,
and now he suffers as his creation pushes back and mockingly crowns him king.

The soldiers unknowingly pawns of the real enemy, the one who prowls about like a lion21 Peter 5:8, seeks to be satiated as God is seemingly forced to retreat in failure.


Three years wasted.

Healings and miracles in exchange for mockery and ultimately death like a criminal.

Though they laughingly hail him King of the Jews, WHERE ARE HIS DISCIPLES?
Circumstances would suggest Jesus is merely a king

However, even in what seems to be the darkest moment, a light still flickers.

After all, as Jesus lifts his eyes, looking through his blood-soaked vision, he no longer sees Jew and Gentile3Galatians 3:28, for the lines of distinction are beginning to blur.

Through the pain, he only sees
the oneness of humanity
bought by his blood, for God is not willing that ANY should perish but that ALL should be saved42 Peter 3:9b.

But first, he must don the regalia—
the rough robe,
the reed scepter,
and his crown of thorns—in preparation for his procession to the throne.


Most merciful God, whose Son, Jesus our suffering king, was brutalized in ignorance by our thoughts, words, and deeds; have mercy on us blind beggars, unable to see his divinity shrouded in simple humility. May we always, by the urging of the Spirit, yield the thrones of our hearts to him, the once and future king. Amen.

  • 1
    Matthew 4:8-10
  • 2
    1 Peter 5:8
  • 3
    Galatians 3:28
  • 4
    2 Peter 3:9b

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  1. Mark

    Beautifully written J!


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