Help Send Fr Jason & Myra to Kansas.

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Amount Raised as of 9/14: 35% ($875) of the $2500 goal.

Praise God! We’ve currently raised 35% of the $2500 goal, which will cover time off from work, airfare, car rental, and hotel for the trip to Hutchinson, Kansas, to attend the Diocese of the Restoration’s 2022 Holy Convocation.

Myra & I are not only excited to head to our diocese’s Holy Convocation in mid-October, but incredibly appreciative of your continued support.

Going will allow us to finally ground the relationships / connections we’ve built with not only our bishop, but also the other clergy. After all, up to this point everything has been through emails, texts, calls, and Zoom. While I’m grateful for those means of communication, nothing can replace the depth found in face-to-face interactions.

Whether you are able to help us reach our goal or you commit to keeping us in your prayers, know that both are highly valued. Big THANK YOU for investing in us and our ministry journey.

So, my friends, as you’ve supported us in the past, by your prayers and generous heart, when we’ve brought opportunities before you, I present this need to you. If you’re able to assist us, your gift will help us get there. We believe that this trip will greatly benefit us (individually and as a couple) as we continue to lay our ministry endeavors before the Lord.

To help us reach our goal, there’s two online options (listed below) or send us an email using the Contact link on the menu above for an offline means.

CashApp: $eckSermonator

Again, whether you give or not, thank you for your continued support over the years. Much love!

Grace and Peace to You!


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Praise God! Already raised 15% of $2500 to cover time off, airfare, car rental, & hotel for the trip to Hutchinson, KS.

THANK YOU for investing in us and our ministry endeavors.

CashApp: $eckSermonator
PayPal: (or


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