Meditation: Maundy Thursday

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Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. Quite moving, then and now, on so many levels.

Among over things Christ exemplified love that evening as he knelt down and washed the feet of Judas, a man that Jesus knew was about to betray him. Yet even in that moment, the grace and mercy of God were within reach. If only Judas had recognized it.

Friends… hope is always near, we just need to be willing to see it.


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So, the Supreme Court has paved the way for states to be anti-abortion by policy. Sadly many who are praising the decision of those wielding unelected power the loudest, aren't actually concerned with truly being pro-life.. only anti-abortion. #GunViolence #DeathPenalty #Homeless

The Nicene Creed outlines the bare minimum of what can rightly be called basic Christianity.

Today marks 4 years since my ordination as a priest in Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

A lot has happened in those 4 years, some good and some bad, some incredibly stressful and some quite refreshing.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


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