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How long, O Lord? How long?

by | May 15, 2022 | Society | 0 comments

When I first entered into vocational ministry as a youth pastor I was blessed to serve in a racially diverse local church, both in terms of pastoral staff and congregants. It was there in that small town North Carolina church that I truly began to grasp the beauty of all God’s people. Many of my students were African American. Fast forward to today and my best friend and quite a few other close friends are African American.

Over the last 5+ years the truth of the racial issues and injustices have been exposed to an ever increasingly intense light that can no longer be ignored or brushed aside. I mourn the injustices done and happening to my brothers and sisters of color.

Where is the justice?

Where is the hope?

Where is the healing?

How long Lord, can this nation continue to bleed out by the festering wound of racism? How long until we truly demonstrate love of neighbor? Ten African Americans murdered and one wounded, while buying groceries by a professed white supremacist. Come on, Church! If there’s ever been an issue to call the work of the evil one and stand against, this is one of them.

How are you building bridges?

How are you being a healing balm?

How are you pushing back the darkness?

Too many local churches are wasting time showing “documentaries” on – among over things – the “threat” of CRT supposedly in our public school systems, all the while refusing to challenge the real cancer(s) in our society… racism, nationalism, unjust penal system, etc etc.

Did your local church pray for the victims and their families this morning? Did they gloss over it with barely a thought? We can, we must, do better!

I don’t have the answers, and am not arrogant enough to think I should. However, I can use my voice, and my actions, to stand with the wounded and brokenhearted… as that’s gospel.

How long, Lord?

How long?


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