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Meditation: Easter Sunday

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Holy Week, Meditation | 0 comments

Here we are at Easter Sunday.

A day that started in continued mourning, but ended in joy unspeakable.

For on that day the unimaginable occurred.

But first the day began, at least in human eyes, in ruins as all that remained was a flicker in what seemed to be the smoldering ashes of yesterday.

The disciples were hiding, unsure of what each day would bring. I imagine in that moment they were mentally replaying the events over and over as the waves of emotions pummeled them.

Sounds familiar, right? We do the same thing.

Life seemingly falls apart and we find ourselves alone, standing in the rubble. All we want to do is run away, hide, and curl up in our beds with the blanket pulled up over us as we pray for a better day.

Yet in that pain, unbeknown to us, there’s hope. All we have to do is be present in the moment. Though we don’t always recognize Jesus’s presence until he speaks our name, he has in fact met us at our point of need.

In our pain, and in our tears. We are not alone.

So, here we are at Easter Sunday.

A day that started in continued mourning, but ended in joy unspeakable.

It was in the darkness of the cave that something happened, God decided it wasn’t simply good enough for him to merely have been with us (humanity). No, no, no, by Christ’s resurrection he opened the door, he rolled the stone away, so that we (mankind), through repentance, could be with him.

That Easter morning all those years ago Christ emerged, pushing back the darkness that had seemed to descend on Good Friday and settled in on Holy Saturday.

On that morning all those years ago we find that the babe of Bethlehem, Emmanuel, was no longer just with us, but by his resurrection we could be with him.

So fellow Christian, take heart. The one who came to walk with us in this fallen world, has invited us to walk with him in his Kingdom both now and forever.

God with us.

Us with God.


Christ is risen!

Happy Easter, friends.


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A version of this was originally posted on my Facebook account in 2021.


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